Leica LINO L2

Leica Lino L2 and L2G
You can rely on its sharp lines!

The time-consuming and tedious drawing of lines on walls is a thing of the past. The Leica Lino L2 and L2G projects them exactly, quickly and easily – while you concentrate on the job in hand.

  • Self-levelling

    The instrument is set up quickly and effortlessly to project horizontal or vertical lines. The Leica Lino L2 and L2G automatically compensates for being slightly out of level, within a range of ± 4°. If the tilt is outside these limits, the instrument does not project any lines and errors are therefore prevented.

  • Large glass lens

    The optimum emergence angle ensures outstanding visibility and extension of the laser lines.

  • Now with a green laser

    As green light is easier for the eye to see, the lines from a Leica Lino L2G with its green laser are even more visible.

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