Leica Thedolite Builder 106

Discover the Leica Builder for your task.

Still using a measuring tape or an optical theodolite? Do you need a tool that fulfi ls all measuring tasks on your construction site with ease, regardless of your profession? The Leica Builder does it all for you – trouble-free, accurately and much quicker. Simply discover the Leica Builder for your task.


Leica Laser Technology

Excellent signal strength and pinpoint accuracy, where you need it most.

Your benefits:

  • “Know what’s being measured”
  • Precise measurement to corners and edges too

Data exchange via USB Stick or Bluetooth

Your benefits:

  • Handy removable data storage
  • Cable-free and fast connection
  • New plan loadable simply on site

PowerSite Software

Professionals appraise the Builder’s on-board programs designed to be the right tool for every job.

Your benefits:

  • A solution for every application
  • Amazing ease of use
  • Versatile and fast to learn

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